Honeybees can fly up to three miles from the hive when out foraging for pollen and nectar, but in areas that are densely populated or over-farmed they sometimes struggle to find enough food.

That’s why we’re working with railway authorities and local groups across the UK to install Bee-Friendly Flowering Planters on railway station platforms. The planters are made using reclaimed wood from old railway sleepers wherever possible, and we work closely with staff to develop a programme of community upkeep to ensure the plants are well cared for and maintained.

Arranged at station intervals, our planters utilise existing transport routes with the aim of building a network of pollinator corridors that will link flowering habitats across urban areas and beyond.

 ‘Your wildflower planters at Barnes station (and I see now elsewhere) are a lovely idea which puts a spring in my step each morning. Thank you – it is much appreciated not just by me but I’m sure by thousands of other commuters!’