It’s time to celebrate all of the community activity that has been having a positive impact on bee populations around the globe. And to announce this year’s winners of the Bee Friendly Awards!

We set up the Bee Friendly Awards to shine a light on all of the groups around the country that are championing bees and pollinators through creating habitats, raising awareness about their plight and rallying future generations to do their bit.

From transforming a turfed village green into a wildflower meadow; to creating raised beds packed with pollinator-friendly flowers in school playgrounds; to running community workshops to build and install bee and bug hotels; and letter writing for change to local councils.

It is well known that bee populations are struggling, with many species at risk of extinction. Yet they are key players in the fight against climate change and in keeping us and our world healthy.

So every bit we can do to help them, makes a real difference.

From more entries than we’ve ever received before, we are thrilled to reveal the winners of the Bee Friendly Awards 2024…

Bridport, Dorset

Covernet, County Londonderry

Englefield Green, Surrey

Great Western Railway, nationwide

Hedera Artistry, Lincolnshire

Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire

Friends of Roundhay Park, West Yorkshire

Stafford, Staffordshire

Westerfield Station Garden Adopters, Suffolk

Now it’s your turn. Find out how you could be part of our 2025 Bee Friendly Awards.