Alresford Railway Station, Essex

A fine example of everything we have to offer.

Phase one of our work at Alresford, involved installing our debut railway station orchard. When asked what we could do with a narrow strip of grass running along the length of a platform at Alresford Railway Station, we immediately thought of fruit trees. We planted heritage varieties, local to Essex, of apple, plum and pear trees to ensure maximum forage for bees and other pollinators throughout the flowering season – and, in time, sustenance for commuters, of course.

Phase two, a couple of years later in 2020, involved transforming a site, previously home to a portacabin, into a wildlife garden, complete with talking bench, raised planters and a cob sculpture that was not only created by local school children, with support from Cobnuts, but that also doubles up as a bug hotel. Find out more about the cob sculpture on our art commissions page.

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