How to help bees survive droughts and heatwaves

From creating bee drinking stations to protecting pollinator-friendly plants, keep your garden buzzing with tips from the BFT gardening team. 1. Put out a bee drinking station As well for staying hydrated, bees use water to help cool down their hive in hot weather. A shallow saucer filled with water and large pebbles (these act […]

Northfields Underground Station, London

Northfields Station was designed by Charles Holden and opened in 1932. It is Grade II listed, including the original planters on the forecourt and platforms. Sadly neglected, the planters have been revived by the Trust and we hope to work with station staff and travellers to keep them looking as good as the rest of […]

Dorchester South Railway Station, Dorset

The platform-length bed at Dorchester South Railway Station was a wildlife haven when we were called in by SW Railway and Swanage Railway. So instead of changing the space, which was abundant with ground nesting birds, pollinators and myriad creepy crawlies, we simply added to what was there already. We planted 78 verbena plants in […]

Wimbledon Park Railway Station, London

In June 2022 – and just in time for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships – we installed this wonderful floral planter at Wimbledon Park Railway Station in London. Filled with pollinator-friendly plants, including rosemary and salvias, the planter was made possible thanks to Transport for London and donations from Bloom & Wild.

High Barnet Railway Station, London

Ten years ago station staff created a magical secret garden at High Barnet. In recent years it became neglected and forgotten. Our team went in to rediscover it. Hacking through dense undergrowth, like characters in a Grimms’ fairy tale, they uncovered wooden sculptures, two ponds, concrete and wire animals, and thriving wildlife. The area is […]