Bee Friendly Towns

We are working with towns and cities across England to make them more bee friendly.

What makes a Bee Friendly Town? It’s more than simply creating wildlife areas.

That’s why we’ve pulled together the nine criteria that we feel take a town from concrete jungle to wildlife haven.

And do you know what we realised? That many of the criteria involve communities working together as a team – much in the same way bees unite within the hive. Which is something worth celebrating.

In 2021, we launched our Bee Friendly Town Award – to celebrate the achievements of those towns (and cities, and villages, and Parishes) that have made the effort to meet each criteria and form a place that welcomes and promotes bees and pollinators.

2022 will see the first Awards presented.

Want your town to be one those awarded?

Download our criteria for Bee Friendly Towns then click on the slides below for information and ideas on how to make the criteria a reality.

Sound like something you can achieve?

As well as being granted ‘Bee Friendly Town’ status, with a listing in our hive of fame on this website, all Bee Friendly Towns will receive supportive materials, including window stickers, leaflets and wildflower seeds PLUS an award, in the form of an art sculpture, to be proudly displayed within the town for residents and visitors to admire and engage with. Successful applicants will also join a supportive network of other bee champions, having the opportunity to share ideas for new Bee Friendly initiatives and community projects.