The Bee Friendly Trust offers greening consultations for stations, organisations and businesses with larger areas of land that could be transformed into wildlife habitats.

We believe that nature havens can be created in the unlikeliest of places so no project is too big, too small or too tarmac-ed. 

Some of the services we offer:

  • Wildlife garden design. Have a site that’s a blank canvas but no idea where to start? Our team can provide you with verbal recommendations; create a written report or draw up detailed designs to transform it into a habitat-rich site that will satisfy both people and wildlife’s needs. Need someone to make these ideas a reality? We can do that, too.

  • Biodiversity enhancement. Already have some green areas but know they could work a bit harder? Based on an initial assessment, we can provide a schedule to maximise the site’s eco-credentials through improved planting plans, habitat creation (see below) and changes to ongoing land management.

  • Habitat creation. Bug hotels, bee houses, bird boxes, hibernacula, ponds, creature features, wildflower meadows – and more. We can offer insight into what wildlife would be best supported where AND provide what’s needed to make that happen. Our in-house team of experts build bespoke wildlife homes to order, ensuring they’ll meet your site’s needs – not someone else’s.

  • Planting guidance. Not sure which combination of flowers and plants will encourage the most diverse range of wildlife – and keep them coming throughout the entire year? We can create a tailored planting plan, taking factors such as location, soil type and seasonal interest into account.

  • Restoration services. Maybe your site was once a thriving wildlife space, but certain elements have been neglected. A disused pond, perhaps? Our team are adept at clearing out overgrown areas and breathing new life into pre-existing nature havens.

  • Maintainance. Now all the hard work has been done, it’s not a case of sitting back and letting nature take its course (excuse the pun). Wildlife gardens, of any scale, require attention to keep them thriving. Our routine wildlife gardening services can be booked on a monthly, quarterly or biannual basis.

Interested in finding out more about what we can do for you? Contact us for an initial chat or to book in a basic walk around of your site.

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