The Bee Friendly Trust has a long-standing relationship with Coram’s Fields. They gave a home to our office for a while, and we now work with them to maintain their Wildlife Garden and our Apiary.

As well as honey bees, within this tranquil space, in the heart of London, newts breed in the ponds, bumble bees nest in the ground, and birds fill the trees. There are plenty of mammals, too – from tiny dormice to the ever-present urban foxes. It is an intimate, secret space. 

Come along to join us if you want to take part in one of our beekeeping workshops, or support the volunteers at the gardening club.

Coram’s Fields is a charity that serves as a safe place for all children to play, as well as offering an after school and holiday programme and youth centre for 13-29-year-olds, in the heart of London.