How to Create a Bee-Friendly Space

Provide shelter, forage and a water source

There are a range of ways that you can give a helping hand to pollinators in your area even in a small space. If you are keen to ensure your garden, balcony or window box is pollinator friendly here are some tips and ideas from our team. 

Small space? Build a bug hotel

Bees love sheltering in clover, dandelions and long grass but, if leaving areas of your garden wild isn’t for you or you don’t have much space, build them a bee hotel instead.

Simply fill a wooden box or old plastic drinks bottle with hollow twigs, bamboo canes, pine cones and drilled logs. The best bit? Other pollinating insects will love it, too.

Download our guide to building a bug hotel.

Seasonal plants that pollinators love

Spring flowering

Summer flowering

Autumn & Winter flowering

Other ways to help

Garden organic

Chemical pesticides can poison bees and other wildlife, as well as potentially harming humans too. Instead, manage pests with the natural practice of companion planting: lavender helps to deter aphids; calendula repels whitefly, borage prevents tomato hornworm and thyme will keep roses free from blackfly.

You could also plant wildflower seeds on your plot. 

Download our guide on how to make your own wildflower seed balls.

Provide a water source

Being a bee is thirsty work. Bees need water to make food for their young, as well as using it to keep their hive cool and humid. One option is to leave out a shallow bucket or saucer to catch rainwater and float corks or leaves on the top to give bees something to land on.

Download our guide for five safe ways to provide drinking spots for bees.

Support your local beekeeper

Chemicals on the nectar and pollen of plants can be carried back to the hive, so they could eventually end up on your toast! Know exactly where your honey has come from by buying from an independent beekeeper. Opt, too, for raw honey (much of the honey available in supermarkets is pasteurised and processed) to maximise the nutritional content.