Grow Back Greener

Here’s a sneak peak at the latest wildlife space to be created at Coram’s Fields, London.

Following on from the success of our lockdown project, we are pleased to be supported by the Mayor of London and the Grow Back Greener Fund for this new initiative.

The space will include an orchard – abandoned for decades, we plan to breathe life back into the mature mulberry trees, apple trees and almond trees. There will be a greenhouse and potting shed for the Youth Centre’s young people and volunteers to hone their green fingers. Raised beds and planters provide wheelchair accessible growing opportunities, while a wildlife garden will include ponds, invertebrate-friendly log piles, a wormery and beehives. We also plan to refurbish the iconic, listed Pavilion with trellis areas planted with edibles – and bee-friendly flowers, of course!

Pictured are just some of those plants: 50 irises – root cuttings from a 25-year-old mother plant.

The result will be a space for community and nature to enjoy in harmony.