Help us Cover the Country with Wildflowers

We’re on a mission!

One third of the UK’s bee population has disappeared over the past decade. But, without bees, we wouldn’t have many of our favourite foods or flowers.

Which is why, this Bees’ Needs Week (13-19 July), we’re on a mission to cover the country with wildflowers.

We want to sow 100,000 wildflower seeds in just seven days – which is where you come in!

For a minimum £5 donation, we will send you a packet of wildflower seeds to sow in your garden, in a windowbox, on a patch of neglected land in your neighbourhood – wherever you wish! These seeds will, in time, bloom into a vibrant and diverse mix of wildflowers to provide bees and pollinators much needed forage and habitat.

Small actions make big differences; to get hold of your packet of wildflower seeds, email with your name, address and donation amount.

We need your help

Our mission is to help pollinators thrive.
Can you help us?