Make a Bee Friendly Station

Falmer Rail Station

Railway stations provide the ultimate pitstop for wildlife, providing spaces where nature can pause, find forage and take shelter. Sitting on railway lines, these stations form a network across the country – you’ve likely heard of pollinator corridors; railway stations and railway lines are just this but on a nationwide scale.

But it takes each station to provide the habitats needed by wildlife to thrive, for this network to become complete. Who wants to turn up tired at a station only to find it’s closed, right?

That’s where we come in. The Bee Friendly Trust creates nature havens at railway stations – be it in the form of floral planters, packed with lavender, flowering herbs and salvia; wildflower areas that make the most of expanses of overgrown land; linear fruit tree orchards; carpets of creeping thyme; or installing our bespoke bug hotels with living roofs.

Not only do our projects brighten up concrete platforms for commuters but they provide year-round shelter and forage for bees, butterflies, moths and myriad wildlife.

Other ways railway (or bus) stations can play their part in the protection of Britain’s insect populations? Why not hang up floral baskets (we’ve found bees like those filled with ivy, scabius, lobelia pendula and marigolds). Or securely fix bricks (the ones with holes in them) to walls as instant bug hotels. Or put up educational posters for users of the station to see and engage with. Even scattering wildflower seeds in cracks along platform edges can produce surprising results.

Or get in touch with us today to find out if we could help you make an even bigger impact – visit our Railway Station Projects page for inspiration of how your local station could benefit.

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