Black Bee Honey

Raw, unblended and unpasteurised British honey

Black Bee Honey founders Chris & Paul met in an office 15 years ago, but their interest in beekeeping led them to London’s rooftops and gardens where they cared for over a million bees. It was a life changing experience but they weren’t content. In fact they were annoyed. Annoyed with all the tasteless honey they found on supermarket shelves. They wanted to share their love of honey straight from the hive with everyone, so Black Bee Honey was born.


Black Bee Honey is named after the British honey bee, which after nearly dying out, are slowly making a comeback. Each variety is single-source and British, supporting both our bees and their keepers. And when it comes to the honey, the mantra is ‘the bees know best’. Once the honey is selected it’s left well alone. Just like your favourite local honey, it’s never pasteurised and any impurities are simply filtered and the honey is jarred. Just as the bees intended.

Support the Bee Friendly Trust when you purchase from the Black Bee Honey website

Black Bee Honey are kindly making a donation from every sale of their handmade Seed Bombs (containing a whopping 21 different varieties of native wildflowers and grasses) to support the Bee Friendly Trust.