Loxwood Meadworks

Re-imaging mead for a new generation

What is mead?

Just like wine is made from grapes, mead is made from honey. Unlike other meads you may have tried before, our Pure Mead is created using 100% honey in the ferment. (The process that makes the alcohol.)

How do you drink mead?

Enjoy our Pure Mead chilled, just like you would with white wine. 

When do you drink mead?

Any time you would enjoy a glass of wine. It’s great to share with friends for any occasion from a warm summer’s day to a cosy night in with a cheeseboard.

What does it taste like?

Nothing you’ve ever had before! It’s really refreshing, has a light honey flavour and smooth finish. We use a unique blend of 100% honey in the ferment so it has a natural, delicate sweetness.

The story of Loxwood Meadworks

As one of the organisers of a medieval festival, The Loxwood Joust, Danny first discovered mead a couple of years ago as sweet, medieval honey wine. It got him thinking – what happened to this drink and how could we bring it back in a modern way? Soon he found a team of people to help him re-imagine every aspect of what a modern mead could be and, together, Loxwood Meadworks was created.

Loxwood Meadworks

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10% of Loxwood Meadworks’ profits every year are donated to UK bee charities, including the Bee Friendly Trust.