All natural skincare made from UK-grown ingredients

BeeBalmyUK was born in 2017 when founder Kitty was on a mission to find a baby balm for her newborn daughter that not only acted as a moisturiser and a barrier but also ticked all her ‘green’ credentials.

Kitty’s award-winning balms are made using British-grown oils, botanicals and waxes such as starflower oil from Essex and essential oils from Norfolk. This means that there is complete traceability of ingredients and a very minimal carbon footprint. It also ensures that ingredients are only sourced from suppliers that practise bee-friendly farming, from the big scale producers right down to the individuals growing fabulous botanicals in their gardens; rest assured that everything that goes in to a BeeBalmyUK product is going towards helping our dwindling bee population. This means no bee harming pesticides, biodiverse farming and ultimately an awareness of the impact of farming on our bee population.

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