Louise Bees

British wax products, straight from the hive

Promoting and supporting British bees and beekeeping.

Louisebees is run by Louise Howell, an enthusiastic beekeeper from Frome, Somerset. A member of the local, county and National Beekeeping Associations, she promotes her belief that buying British honey is the best way to support our bees and beekeepers. She sells her own honey and that of her fellow beekeepers in the West Country.

All her honey is unpasteurised and unblended, straight from the hive and only lightly filtered. Keeping in all the pollen, enzymes, anti-oxidants and proteins the bees add, which makes raw honey so good.

Beeswax is even more valuable as it takes the bees 6lbs of honey to make 1lb of wax. These hand-dipped candles carry the delicious smell of honey, glow brighter and burn for longer than other types of wax.

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