Time is Running Out.

That’s the important message portrayed by our latest art installation at London Bridge Railway Station.

Back in 2020, the Bee Friendly Trust launched a competition to create a unique sculpture that would draw public attention to the worrying fact that populations of honey bee and many other vital pollinators are dwindling. 

The  entries were diverse and original.

But one, designed by university student Madeleine Higgs, stood out  for the simplicity of its message: Time is Running Out.

Taking the form of a bee-shaped hourglass and made primarily from recycled materials, including cork, plastic pellets and drink cans from English wine company The Uncommon (one of our partners), this artwork conveys how every few minutes an estimated one species is lost.

The sculpture was created by Bristol-based firm Amalgam Modelmaking with support from Network Rail.

We are looking for volunteers to turn the hourglass. If you would be interested, please email emma@beefriendlytrust.org.