Our legendary Waggledancers first came together in 2017. Six contemporary dancers worked with games designer Phoenix Perry and choreographer Jane Turner to create a unique improvised dance performance for the ‘Now Play This’ gaming event as part of the London Games Festival. Dancing on a hexagonal dance floor their movements were stimulated and suggested by vibrations in the floor which mimicked the communicative vibrations in a beehive.

The project was central to the Trust’s commitment devising new ways to communicate the importance of the environment and pollination, developing collaborations between artists, environmentalists and educators, and creating public, open access events and installations that raise issues and awareness, and engage through artistic intervention with the widest possible audience.

Five thousand people saw the Waggledancers at the Festival as they danced through, around and outside Somerset House.

Each Summer the Waggledancers take to the road on a country-wide tour of festivals and public spaces.

Our group of professional dancers travel with us to events where they perform improvised dance routines mimicking the Waggle Dance that honey bees use within the hive to communicate the location of bee-friendly flowers and forage.